Freedom isn't FREE anymore

                Militia Defense Condition

LOW      Condition Green    All clear and normal                 MDC-5

GUARDED     Condition Blue    Basic Preparedness           MDC-4
Maintain your basic state of preparedness; keep your gear packed and accessible.  Plan routes to your initial rally points.  Obtain necessary supplies for cache/resupply points.  Develop your own supply caches along your routes. Train as much as possible. Make yourself available for routine communications.

ELEVATED  Yellow Warning   Enemy action probable        MDC-3
Maintain your gear in a state of readiness.  Check your ex-fil routes.  Keep appropriate contact info close.  Keep your lines of communication open for incoming "flash" traffic. Be prepared to move on a 2 hour notice.

HIGH     Orange Warning     Enemy action imminent         MDC-2
AOL's prepare to assist GSM's .  Be ready to move on 1 hour notice. If possible, be prepared to pre-evacuate immediate family members and their personal gear at this stage.  Maintain close contact with your immediate chain of command and other team members.

EXTREME  Condition Red    Enemy action in progress      MDC-1

Total Domestic Conflict; highest alert rating. The FTR is fully activated. Evacuate by most expedient route possible, and assemble at designated rally points. Unit GSM's/AOL's will give further directions as needed.


Our Current threat level is: BLUE